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The Return to Paguriran Island

January 6, 2013

Yes, so this is it! During my last visit here, I was unable to set foot on the island itself. But now I am back, with some of my rider friends. This was a spur-of-the-moment ride, due to another cancelled ride.

It was unfortunate na hindi natuloy yung EB Ride ng MCP Bicol. Pero dahil naisip ko, bibihira lang ako makapag-off ng linggo, eh magri-ride pa rin ako. Plano ko talaga kasing bumalik ng Paguriran Island kasi the last time I went there, hindi ko napuntahan yung island mismo. This time I made sure na mapupuntahan ko siya.

So tinext ko si sir Walter para iinvite siya, and as always, laging game si sir. Inaya nya rin sila Rowel and Lester. Pinakita ko sa kanila yung pics ng lugar, na agad naman nilang nagustuhan.

Met up with Rowel and Lester at 8am sa Shell Daraga, hinintay namin si sir Walter. Around 20 minutes later he arrived (Guinobatan to Daraga in 20 minutes, KTM Duke with wings. LOL). Tulak na agad kami papunta ng Sorsogon dahil iniiwasan namin yung ulan. Hindi na kami nag picture picture along the way, kasi hinahabol namin yung low-tide sa Paguriran. Around 11am nung makarating kami doon. 2.5 hours of riding.

Our destination, according to Rowel's trusty GPS.

First batch of pics when we arrived:

We then took our sweet time taking pictures of the place. The venue was almost deserted during our visit, it was like we rented out the entire place.

A closer look at the beach's white sand.

Ano kaya ginagawa ni Rowel?

Oh, it was our resident vandal, leaving his mark.

You can rent this room for PHP3.5k a night. Endorser in yellow-green vest not included.

And then, Paguriran Island, in all its splendor.

After settling in, resting for a bit and organizing our stuff, it was time to eat, but not after we buy something to eat first. We bought snacks from a popular fast food chain, but, a proper meal was still better.

Fortunately, there was a nearby store that had cooked meals. 

Sir Walter getting our lunch. 

Presenting, our lunch sponsor. *applause*


We shared some stories and some good laughs while eating. This is one of the best parts during a ride. Pagkatapos naming magpahinga ng saglit after a meal, it was time to hit the beach. 

Rowel, on the other hand, literally hit the beach, face down. 

We slowly waddled our way through the crystal clear waters towards the island. Medyo low tide pa nung mga oras na yun, so the water level only went up to my waist until we reached the island. Here are some pics:

You can easily tell he's having a very good time.

Word of advice though: if you're going to waddle through to the island, make sure to have some footwear. The rocks here are sharp and jagged. Unless you have very thick foot soles, then that will not be a problem.

More pics on the island:

"Pasan ko ang daigdig."

We decided to climb atop the island, and this is your stairway:

Mahirap dito pag nadulas ka, sa talas ng mga bato, siguradong madami at malalim ang mga sugat mo.

Lester was having second thoughts about going up.

We all made it safely at the top, and upon taking this risk, we were instantly rewarded with a breathtaking view.

This is the mini lagoon inside the island. Absolutely a sight to behold.

Some kids having the time of their lives in this mini lagoon.

More pics at the top of the island:

I peeked, and its a long way down...

...a REALLY long way down. Hindi lang halata sa picture.

"I think, therefore I am."

Yours truly, happily basking in the sun.

There is this structure on the highest part of the island.

And there is this someone who likes to climb said structures.

"Ang Walang-hiyang Oble."

View from atop the pedestal:

After enjoying ourselves for a bit, it was time to prepare for the ride home. We had a really good time, and promise to return here one day.

The cast:

Yours truly in my Kawasaki-Bajaj Rouser 135LS

Sir Lester and his Rusi KR 150

Sir Walter and his KTM Duke 200

Unfortunately, wala nang pic si Rowel and his Motorstar Sapphire 125, kasi siya ang cameraman. :) 'Di bale, nakarami na rin naman siyang pics sa island.

Laging sinasabi ni sir Walter na no ride to Sorsogon is complete without eating baluko. So, back to "Baluko HQ" we went.

The "Baluko HQ" in Sorsogon, in front of the park, just before entering the town proper. The pen shell (the other term aside from baluko is sarad) is a popular local delicacy.

With sisig na Bicol express on the side. ITADAKIMASU part 2.

The last part of our trip was the pictorial at the Sorsogon arc.

After this, we headed on home. This concludes the ride. Until next time.

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