Thursday, November 22, 2012

Matnog Ride with Sir Emil and friends

October 16, 2012 - Sir Emil came to my workplace to personally invite me to his planned ride. Hindi ko alam na matagal na palang niluluto itong ride, hindi ko lang nasubaybayan kasi sa kabilang forum (MCP) sila naglahad ng plano. But I was planning to ride the next day anyway, so I gladly joined the fray.

The next day, I woke up early to a great sunny day. Maganda ang panahon para mag ride. Konting linis lang ng motor, and before 9am alis na ako to meet up with sir Emil and company. Our hook up place was the Daraga Shell station, the only one in Daraga. There, they were already waiting for me (I was late, LOL).


There were 5 riders in total - me in my Honda Wave100R, sir Emil in his Honda CBR150, sir Walter from Tabaco with his awesome KTM Duke, sir Rebs from Bacacay with his Kawasaki Rouser 135LS, and sir Belardz from Ligao with his Motorstar Sapphire 125. After making acquaintances, we headed on to our destination. Unang bira pa lang ratrat na agad sila, the spear of course was sir Emil.

Just a few kms away and we get to our first photo spot. Our first group picture.

First spot pa lang tadtad na agad ng picture. LOL. This is the boundary between Albay and Sorsogon. We moved on, our next spot was the Sorsogon arc, a bit further away after Pilar and Castilla. This was my 3rd time on this arc.

That's sir Emil with his big (pili)nut. LOL.

We moved on. Just some distance away, there was a park in Sorsogon City that I've always wanted to take a picture from, pero dyahe kasi pag solo ka lang magpicture picture eh. Pero ngayong nasa grupo ako, it's photos away.

Adjacent to this park was a carinderia that served "baluko", which was pretty popular here. We will be back to the carinderia later to have a taste. Moving on. We took the diversion route para hindi na kami dumaan ng bayan ng Sorsogon, but we did take a stop to the city hall. Napakalawak pala ng city hall ng Sorsogon.

After a short chat, and me trying to size up them big bikes, we decided to look for a place to take lunch. Medyo gutom na rin kasi kami. This is our favorite time when doing rides. We would like to thank our sponsor, sir Walter, for the hearty meal. :D

Konting kain lang para sa mga riders, mahirap nang tawagin ng kalikasan in the middle of a ride. Haha. Pagkatapos naming magpatunaw, and after some laughs and chats, we headed on.

We took pictures at every arc we get to. Casiguran, Irosin, and lastly, of course, Matnog.

Some tricycle drivers stopped by to adorn the great CBR150 and KTM Duke. "Danison", they remarked. Haha, hope to have one of those someday. 

In Irosin, we stopped by to take a photo at the local's biggest cock. Yep, it WAS one hell of a big cock.

We also took a picture of the Irosin landmark, and by luck, sir Emil captured Mount Bulusan who was without her cloud cover as we passed by - a rare opportunity.

We moved on, diretso na kami ng Matnog, which was our target. The twisties were as good as ever, and for a rider like myself, the experience never gets old. Finally, after about two and a half hours of riding, we arrive at our destination.

It was only my 2nd time at this ark. But to sir Emil, it was just like another day at the office. LOL. We celebrated on our safe arrival, specially to sir Walter and Rebs, who claimed that so far, this was the farthest that they had to travel on two wheels. It was a celebration indeed.

We wanted to take pics inside the port, but it was busy at this time, so hindi na lang kami pumasok. After some rest and a quick snack, we gassed up and headed back.

Sir Belardz trying on the KTM Duke while some of us were filling up on gas.

We went back to the eatery just in front of the Sorsogon park to have a taste of "baluko".

Hungry riders eating to their hearts' content. The baluko was good. Once again I would like to thank our sponsors for this hearty meal. LOL. Konting kwentuhan, tawanan, share experiences. Bukod sa kainan, ito ang isa sa best part ng ride. By sharing stories, we all learn from one another.

Pag labas namin after a meal, sir Emil noticed that my rear tire was flat. So we went to the nearest vulcanizing shop to have it fixed.

Kwentuhan at picture picture pa sila habang nagpapaayos ako ng aking gulong. LOL.

The mech claimed one of the seams of my interior tore up, that's why I had the flat. So I gave him my spare interior and installed it to my tire. And we were off, nagmamadali na rin kasi gagabi na. But, after just a few kilometers away, my tire was again flat.

We looked for the nearest vulcanizing shop, and to my dismay, may pako pala na nakatusok sa gulong ko at hindi inalis ng unang mechanic. Kaya naman pala ako nag flat, ulit. The problem was, medyo madilim na and nearby motorcycle stores were already closed dahil brownout pa nung time na iyon. Malas. Sir Emil took off to look for an open store to buy me an interior. Napunit na kasi yung interior ko ng pako, kaya hindi na pwedeng remedyo lang, dapat palit na.

I appreciated sir Emil's effort to look for an interior for me. Salamat sir, pasensya na kayo pa tuloy naabala ko.

Finally, my tire was fixed for good, and we all went home. I arrived at my house at around 6:30pm and the rest came to their respective homes about an hour later. It was nice riding with you sir Emil once again, and to the others, nice meeting and riding with you. Hope to do this again in the very near future.

This concludes another chapter of my rides. 'Til next time. Keep riding.

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