Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finally, My Own Copy of LP's "A Thousand Suns"

My *extended* wait is over. I finally have my hands on a copy of Linkin Park's newest album. Though it was released 3 months ago, there are no decent record stores here in our city that sells copies of the album. I had to order it from somewhere else. Ugh.

I have been a fan of LP since Hybrid Theory, bought every album they made. Sadly, the first three of the records I bought got lost from the last big storm that hit our fair city. The only one I have left is the recently-bought Minutes to Midnight. Tch.

Anyway, moving on. As I listened to the first tracks of the album, all I could say is, LP really stands for never staying the same with their music (and they are proud of that). This is THE most different Linkin Park I've heard of. Though I missed the angst-filled songs they used to make in HT and Meteora (which, by the way, made me a bonafide member of the Teenage Angst Brigade way back when... LOL), I am still amazed of the band's ability to create an album that doesn't look like "just another Hybrid Theory or Meteora". Each album stands on its own.

LP's best trait is their songs mature just as they do, as many say that "A Thousand Suns" is a political album. And I couldn't agree more. They talk about strife and nuclear warfare. And that's obviously where the album got it's name - a writing in reference to a nuclear explosion. That's what I like most about this band. They could have stayed with their former theme (the rap/rock/metal/angst-filled genre), stayed as popular, and got stable reviews from critics. But no. They choose to do something different every time.

But there are also a lot of disgruntled fans that said LP ain't what it used to be. All I can say to those haters is this: if you don't dig LP's new theme, then you have never outgrown yourself as a teenager.

For those who want to have a copy of the album, I have ripped and uploaded it here. [UPDATE: The file has been taken down, sorry] But it would be better if you got yourself an original copy, that way you could show your support to LP, and so that the band could still continue to create new music genres in the days to come.

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raiden28 said...

Thanks migs...I am also an avid fan of Linkin Park. Truely, their styles in creating songs are unique that deviates them to other artists. Looking forward for the band..:)